Gaia 2 catalog for Guide 9

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Gaia 2 for Guide 9

You can download from this source sorted Gaia 2 data and a TDF for Guide


The original Gaia catalog can be downloaded from Gaia archive as gzip compressed CSV files (61 277 files in 588 GB). After uncompressing the files sizes sums up to 1 386 GB. The data are not sorted by any value, but by observation date. The date were saved with full real length, although often most of the last numbers has no relevance.


The data were downloaded with Meta Prodcuts Offline Explorer Pro. Using self-written Freebasic programs I extracted the interestant columns with precision of the given error and 2 more columns. Another program transferred the data into 1 deg zones and sorted them in this zone using Right Ascension as sorting column. At end a program is creating several catalogs with different datas and accuracies.


Some links for more informations:

Planetarium program

Other planetarium programs, which may be able to read the data. I'll try it, if I have time for this:


Because my extractions are sorted and much more easy to read than the original unsorted CSV tables, you may use them for your own works. If you publish anything, give the credits in credits.


If there are errors in the English text, please ignore them or send me corrections. My mother tongue is German, but for easy administration and worldwide ditsribution of data, I use English as language of this website.You can setup fully translated websites, if you give full credits and the link to

Donations & Newsletter

You can support me for the costs of hosting, if you donate (also very small amounts) to Paypal.
Please give as subject "Gaia" and the following possible additional data.
If you give at the subject of the donation your e-mail adress, I'll store it and set it to the Newsletter.
You will only receive an e-mail, if there are important changes at the Gaia 2 catalog for Guide. E.g. errors, new catalogs, imports to other programs or another official Gaia release.
If you write at the subject of your donation a name or/and link and "publish"; I set your name to the list of supporters at this website (only then, otheriwse only as an anonmyous number). I'll not publish your amount of donation.

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