Gaia 2 catalog for Guide 9

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History of website

2018 July 02

Introducing the use tab.

2018 July 01

TDF file corrected to avoid missing data pies at the poles in catalog tab.

2018 June 30

Method to present only Gaia stars in Guide in catalog tab.

2018 June 29

Corrected Gaia catalog extract Standard again published in c'acatalog tab.

2018 June 26

Retract the standard catalog extract due to a magnitude error.

2018 June 25

Gaia catalog extract Standard published in catalog tab.

2018 June 24

Added the extraction of all stars with parallax in data tab.

2018 June 23

Change the catalog tab' to catalog tab. The data tab contains now extracts of the Gaia 2 catalog for own analyzes.

2018 June 22

Added links of planetarium programs, corrected some typos and add the star display screemshot.

2018 June 14

The tab "ToDo" added to the menu.
Note added not to use Internet exploerer for downloading the TDF files.

2018 June 10

Some content correction at website.
New upload of SPL catalog extract. I erased stars, wihich has exact the same coordinates. Guide seem to have problems with this constellation. In the SPL catalog extract there were 157.944 stars with exact the same coordinates. It's only 0.15 ‰ of all stars.

2018 June 09

Setup of website.
First Gaia 2 catalog extract Simple.

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